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Dear readers
We are looking for a native speaking English translator who can translate the coming Dutch editions of Amigo, so we can keep publishing Amigo in English. Please contact me at: case[at]ods.nl

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Dutch editions

The beauty of 'our' powerlessness >>>
The meaning of being! >>>
Non, je ne regrette rien >>>
What is trust?
... and nothing but the truth >>>
Explorations of truth.
Originality >>>
the source, authenticity and spontaneity
Linked together words... >>>
surprise edition
nr 2:
I wish a free will; about having choices >>>
Teacher & teaching >>>
What determines that one feels called to become a teacher?

nr 1:
about the impersonal, the impossibility of possessing Realization

nr. 4
The unbearable apparentness of being? >>>
About the simple ordinariness of Realization.

nr 0;
'Is the end in sight...?
About Seeing who you are and then...

nr. 3:
the True Love edition; what is Love?

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