The Meaning of life

What is the meaning of life?

'The MEANING of life... What do you mean?
Just that, after all, doesn't there have to be a MEANING in life?
Who says that? What brings this question up in you?

Well... I just don't know anything other than that life ought to have a MEANING and a GOAL.

Mmm, now I understand where you want to go. Every day you go to the office and do your work, this and that, you have to do this and that, you are kind of happily married and you have to do this and that in your relation, and so you do this and that, and you are a hero on the football team because you do what the trainer says... Then something happens. Mostly it is something about which you can do NOTHING.

For example: suddenly one day you find yourself put out on the street, maybe by your wife, your husband, or your boss. A member of your family dies in an auto accident, or you yourself are struck by a painful sickness. Your house is burned to the ground in a fire.

I admit this may all be a bit extreme, but it is just that suddenly in your life ... you stood still and said: Ha, who am I actually? And oh... what is actually the meaning of my life?

Yes. Now that you mention it... What happened to me...

Whoa... we are not talking about what happened to you for a bit... but just that it overcame you. Okay, indeed, then the question came up in me, or something like that...

Moreover that means that something always has to happen in order to ask yourself that question... but good, lets just look at the question ... By the way, how are things with you? Are you happy and such?

Some times...

Why not simply be happy always?

Yea hello, it's just like that. You get a gift and you are happy for a bit, maybe a new car? Tops! In love? That will last a bit longer but then it still becomes something else...
Yesterday I won 25 euros in the lottery so that bought me a bottle of Armagnac.


Yes, Armagnac I like to drink a glass of it with my evening coffee. Nothing on your mind for a bit. Away for a bit. Mmm... lovely.

I understate that, but now to the point... the meaning of life. If you add up all these moments of happiness, is that not already enough? I mean, do you also search for a meaning in your life if it is already meaningful to you?

Yes, nevertheless I do. There is something... a sort of deep longing to always have that incidental happiness all the time.

That's a bit egoistic don't you think?

... ???

Good, I won't hear you out anymore... one more thing: What do you think about no Meaning in life, but finding meaning in life just as it IS?

Doesn't one follow out of the other?

What would you think about it if I said that life has absolutely no meaning?

Then I would think: deliciously easy! But doesn't everything have to have a meaning, a goal?

That's right. From your thinking, out of your personality, your being an ego, your made-up I, that is crystal clear. Just living without any meaning is not conceivable for you and thus not conceivable for your Life.

Yeah, that would be something beautiful for me!

Still, if you look at it another way that is actually possible. No, even unimaginably possible!

Surprise me...

Imagine then that life does have a MEANING. That means there is a goal with a beginning point and an end point. A trajectory from point A directed at point B where the goal is reached.

For example, I'm just making something up: the Meaning of life for you is to become a good person, even better maybe, a perfect person... then there is plenty of work for you to do in any case. Through good deeds, charity, love for the other and your neighbor... This task is not hidden in Life, but falls entirely to your account. That is indeed an important difference.

If Life had a Meaning then that must be something that we (everything that lives and is) carry from a lower to a higher plane. At least... there ought to be a difference between the beginning of life with the goal set and life as it looks after the Meaning or goal is reached.

Would it?

According to this point of departure, there would thus come a moment to mankind, who after centuries of wrestling without knowing the content of the Meaning, at the end of this Meaningful trip and realizes: Oh, so is this the Meaning? If I only I had known that sooner! But then, now the end of the Trip is reached, thus the end of times... unless there is another meaning revealed!
Do you really think it works like that?


It does seem indeed like a crackpot idea, but the other side of the coin is life knows no MEANING, no GOAL. There is no trajectory from point A to point B. Life IS... with everything that goes with it.

Just IS? I can't get that one under my hat...

Even stronger, you will never that know that under your hat... Only if you take off that hat, with little I under it and are as a tree in the four seasons, without asking yourself why exactly you are standing there. At the side of the highway, or in the middle of a silent wood, or in a folk garden... only just Life... without MEANING...

But how I can still understand that when my little I, with which I do think and exist, can't come close to that?

By not trying to get an answer with which your ego walks happily away, without asking any more questions and then again whatever happens coughing up more questions...

Then is there no answer to my question?

See, that's what I mean... again another question...

By the way, what are you reading there?

Something very applicable, by Osho:

'Life is a love affair it is poetry, music.
Don't ask such disgusting questions as: What is the meaning of life?
The moment you ask that question you lose contact with your life. Life cannot be understood with philosophical questions. You have to put philosophy aside.'

Now then shall we just consider this talk as having never occurred?

Whatever you say...