Alternating current

If you look down on a river delta from a great height you see the branches of the water streambecoming ever-smaller. It is an image that has a strong resemblance for example to the branches of an artery refining itself into capillaries, a streak of lightning fanning out in the sky, or the nerves of a tree leaf.

Life is energy. A constant pulse is trying to find a way for itself. After a natural trajectory the 'material' and the energy of a manifested thought or happening dissolves back into the whole at the end of its circuit. The difference between existing and not-existing could perhaps be compared to alternating current; a difference between plus and minus. Perhaps consciousness in capital letters is something like electricity.

What the meaning of life is? Maybe it is so that Consciousness, (or God if you like),
can only enjoy it's own Existence by materializing energy. There is nothing that can be aware of Itself without manifestation. In manifestation Existence can enjoy Itself. Consciousness celebrates Itself.

As a person, or as whatever organism, you are first of all a 'survival-unit'. You have a need for food in order to survive. The ego function of the body is very useful for that purpose. One must survive: 'I have to eat', 'I have to sleep', 'I have to escape'.
In the meantime, the human being has become so complex that the I-thought can create problems. 'What is the sense of my personal existence?' is an important question for many people.

However, if you analyze this question a little analytically you could see that the I-thought itself and not the existence originates the problem, because that actually just happens by itself. No I-thought is necessary for the metabolism. Finally, you also continue to exist peacefully during dreamless sleep, without any notion of I, without thoughts, either nice or not.

Naturally that 'I' is very useful, you have to get fitted up for an 'I' thought if you want to survive. But you may discover that you are actually All-encompassing, that in which the entire world appears. That you are actually what precedes the I-thought. The indivisible Consciousness, called the 'Tao' by Lao-Tzu within which the entire manifestation and all the I-thoughts of everyone in the entire world appear. But, you may discover that you are Omnipresence, that I which the entire world appears, that which comes before every I-thought, the indivisible consciousness, which was called 'Tao' by Lao Tzu, in which the entire manifestation and all the I-thoughts of everyone in the entire world appear. My I-notion as writer, and your I-notion as reader take place in a timeless and impersonal Knowing that we cannot enter or leave.

With thorough investigation, a deep desire to find, some goal directed help, and a dose of luck this Consciousness recognizes Itself. In that moment, the separated I-notion evaporates in the clear recognition that you are Everything. You discover that your deepest being is happiness.

Pure existence, unencumbered by bodily discomforts is bliss. Discovering this makes earthly existence and the unavoidable discomforts that belong to it acceptable. Because there is a deep understanding that this life can only be lived thanks to that body – your nature or disposition, in spite of the total gene package, your good and bad sides, your baldness, your corns, and your hernia.

Your deepest being is the Powersource that pressed together the bundle of with which you can experience presence for a while. You can sit beautifully in meditation or visiting a fun fair, it makes no difference. The presence remains the presence. This immediate knowing changes the perspective forever. Your life's question is dissolved in the unbroken stream of spreading energy that plays untiringly with material in order to enjoy Itself.

[Ruud Houweling, musician]