c o l o p h o n

c o n t r i b u t o r s . t o . t h i s . e d i t i o n :

Jan van Delden
Ad Oostendorp
Jeff Foster
Rob Ek
Dick Bruna
Zil Chezero

Kees Schreuders (editor & lay-out) www.ods.nl
Robbert Bloemendaal (editor)
Dick de Boom (editor)

Patricia van Bosse
Vincent Peeters
Pol Sturtewagen
Josée Zwaferink

translation team:
Robbert Bloemendaal
Malon Bakker

Rangeeni Franssen
Rahmat Haverkamp
Erik Sleeuwenhoek
Simon Abbott (copy editor)

editorial statutes

AMIGO, a periodically appearing web-magazine, is a platform for texts about diverse Non-dualistic approaches. Said more poetically: Amigo wants to show 'you' in that empty chair, that you see at the head of this magazine, that you have found unconditional friendship.
Every issue will in any case contain texts by Wolter Keers and be in the spirit, which he gave to the magazine 'Yoga Advaita' founded by him.