Being Douglas Harding

What does it feel like to be Douglas Harding?

Well, I think that Douglas Harding-ness inevitably directs the completeness of my life in a certain way. I mean, I don't avoid that identification, that connection, that expression. In fact, lately I have often indicated how absolutely essential, precious and extraordinary that identification is. You don't have to belittle the one you see in the mirror. You don't have to turn down or underestimate that person. On the contrary, what I can say about Douglas - the way he expresses himself in his face, voice and behaviour, especially his face - is that everything is extremely valuable. To me it means that you have something special to contribute, that you are a unique personification of the Truth and that that is very important to complete the overall picture.

I find that very important...

[photo: Douglas' gravestone with the 'map' of the first person singular]