c o n t r i b u t o r s:

Jan van Delden
Douglas Harding
Jan Koehoorn
Hans Laurentius
Tony Parsons
Philip Renard

Justus Kramer Schipper
Jan Kersschot

Ramesh Balsekar

Belle Bruins (interviews & editor)
Raf Pype (editor)
Kees Schreuders
(editor, design & layout)
Sam Pasiencier (translator)
Foekje Detmar (illustration with and transcription of text Wolter Keers)

mission statement

Welcome to 'AMIGO', an irregular and irregularly appearing web-magazine, as a forum for texts concerning diverse Non-dualistic approaches. Said more poetically; Amigo wants to demonstrate that you have an unconditional friend in the empty chair that you see at the heading of the magazine.
In any case, every issue will contain texts by Wolter Keers and continue the mentality with which Wolter gave form to the periodical 'Yoga Advaita' that he created.

Wolter Keers went to India in the late 40's and met Ramana Maharshi. He was one of the Non-dualistic pioneers in Europe.