Love is (there) always, everywhere, without shame.

How do you represent something like that? I came closest with the image of a glove. See the glove then as an image of Love and the hand as the image of the ego.

The hand squeezes itself into the glove and tries to fit itself to the glove or wants that the glove fits the hand. Whatever the hand does and without caring what it thinks of the glove, the glove follows the hand without shame.

If you settle into that unconditional Being-there, the glove fits like a second skin. The separation (between the hand and the glove) disappears, the hand becomes the glove and vice-versa. You can also compare it to the artist who becomes one with his painting, the musician with his instrument or composition, the artisan with his object. If the apparent inner world ( hand plus glove), becomes one with the outer world, the difference between inner and outer disappears there also. Love unites with itself.

The glove appears then to be poured out of Love for Love.

[Kees Schreuders]