The trees
- Douwe Tiemersma -

'When I was a child', the tress were not tress, but the home of the wind and the birds. And the shadow that the sunshine played through.
When I became an adult, the trees became things with wood and veins, bark and green leaves the source of oxygen for people and animals.
'Then I went in search' and the trees were myself, my leaves rustled and my branches swayed in the wind. They also shrunk to a distant image in the space of my conscious-being.
'Now' trees are all of this at the same time: magical beings, hard material, identical to me, a show, idea… nothing, and in accordance with that I also have these aspects. Every statement about trees and about me is wrong because of one-sidedness, but everything can be said about it.

With children I talk about gnomes in a hollow trunk, with adults about the mechanism of carbonic acid assimilation, with seekers about the self being-tree, and about the tree as projected image. Openness is all of this at the same time, while Openness remains. This is inexpressible.

[Douwe Tiemersma]