The unbearable apparentness of being?

'Chopping wood, carrying water before enlightenment.
Chopping wood, carrying water after enlightenment'.

With these two little sentences the circle is closed. You are back where you started, but with what difference? Certainly if you compare it to the treasured ideas about Realization, it can almost not be otherwise than that it leads to disappointment. What do we have to do then with this almost-real experience that we call our life? Amigo went on the path with these questions. You will find more about the above named circle movement in this issue.

This time Wolter Keers on: 'Humility is the deep insight that I know nothing' , around the breakfast table we chat with Jan van Delden about various subjects, - Johan van der Kooij shares his experiences with Jean Klein, - Jan Koehoorn about multiplicity versus simplicity. - Jan van Rossums favorite occupation; everydayness - We talk with Tony Parsons and he gives us 'nobody home', there is no one, - Justus Kramer Schipper about the longing to have no more thoughts - Nathan Gill, the gardener from England talks disarmingly about the end of his search, - We carry on a conversation with Hans Laurentius about the fear of arrogance among other things. - Douwe Tiemersma about the tree as: a hollow trunk, a mechanism for assimilating carbon-dioxide, or in the given case a projected image. - Jan Kersschot about happiness, just like that. And a Roundtrip Realization zapping along various sources. And finally Sam talking with the sea.

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Maybe the simple every day is just the most difficult, possibly the only apparent stumbling block. Do we condemn ourselves to be seekers because we think that it has to be different than the way it is? But simple, difficult, common, apparent, hopscotch searching, realized or not, if it is unconditional, then 'That' is everything and everyone, without regard to persons.
That makes it all lighter and more bearable and actually a great wonder. Maybe we take ourselves too seriously and are champion doubters. Whoever knows?!

God is a comedian with an audience that doesn't laugh
(Tony Parsons)

[Kees Schreuders]