Everything begins with simplicity
- Jan Koehoorn -


When I was a child
trees were trees,
People people
And horses were horses.
The sky was the sky
And the sun was the sun.

Then I went searching
And became spiritual.
Then trees were people
People were the sun.
The sun was clouds
and the clouds were water.

Now that I have found myself again
Trees are again trees
And the sun is the sun
People are people again
A cloud again a cloud.


This Chinese poem expresses in a nice way how searchers after truth can founder.
Everything begins with simplicity. When you are young, things are what they are and nothing more. Nice is nice, hunger is hunger, no problems. However, in the course of life there comes a need to go in search of 'how things are put together'. there are clarifications needed and answers to certain questions, for example the question: 'What is the meaning of life?'. Or: 'Who am I?', Then it seems as if the simplicity that was there before often disappears and that everything becomes very complicated. You get immediate answers to some questions, but to a lot of others not. When you come in contact with Advaita, then in first it can be used at an intellectual level to answer the questions that you ask yourself.
But that is only in the beginning. The longer you are busy with it the crazier it gets:

  • Am I now everything, or am I now nothing?
  • Is there well something to do, or there is actually nothing to do?
  • Why am I not yet enlightened? I understand the whole story but nothing happens!
  • Do I have to just let everything happen to me, because after all I am consciousness that observes everything?.
  • I still allow myself to be pulled around by emotions.
  • I can't get rid of my identification!

The confusion arises mostly because there is search for a permanent solution on the level of what changes, namely that of body — thinking — feeling. Thinking does not offer the searched for rest and simplicity and becomes frustrated, and at this point it is possible apparently that total insight arises, called self-realization, by means of which the solution is no longer searched for in the thinking.
By means of which the entire mechanism of seeking for something outside of itself is disabled. And then everything becomes simple again. No searching, no doubt, no explanation or interpretation needed, just: what IS. What I see exists. What I don't see is not there. No worries about tomorrow, no regrets about yesterday.
No searching for a cause, or a how or a why.
Just be!

[Jan Koehoorn]