Once upon a time there was a restless soul who went looking for the infinite
to help it come to terms with all the sorrows and pleasures of the finite..
It had found so much and lost so much it was literally at its wit's end...

At such a moment it couldn't stay all cooped up inside
and needed to go out into the world into the biggest places it could find..
a mountain.. or even the sky.. or maybe the sea..

This day it chose the sea, certain that the sea would have a message
that would calm its restless hunger... so off it went
(and by the way it packed a picnic because even
the infinite has to eat).

Many other infinites, thinking themselves finite,
were standing on the same platforms,
riding the same trains, buses and street cars, or driving
and then walking, hurrying along the streets to
reach the same sea-light..
but they were all very busy being finite
and hiding the sea-light in their eyes...

Alone at last and walking on the hard-packed sand
it hurried to the very edge where the water comes and goes..
the eyes already somewhat calmer under the shimmering sky
and gazing at that distant perfect line
where one seems to begin and the other end...

and then the sea gave answer to
the question that it couldn't ask

and the sea said shhhhh... the sea said shhhhh...the sea....