Being a teacher is dreadful

No one in this world in their right mind would want to become a teacher. You have to be crazy; rows of people who stare at you as if you were from some other planet. all your words are weighed on a scale, all kinds of images are projected on you. There is a good reason that many advaita teachers become such against their own wishes.

I often hear surprised reactions if I say that no one in my circle of friends is interested in advaita. I myself find that completely normal. It would be pretty strange business if I wanted to convince everyone in my immediate surroundings that they are in fact Consciousness. Why should you bother anyone with that? Nobody is served by unwanted advice. It is a good usage in the advaita tradition that instruction is only given on the express request of the student.

Therefore a real teacher will never insist on telling you how things are. You have to go to him. He doesn't not invite you and does not try to convince you. But, and that is the core of it, if you want to know who or what you are a guru is needed. There are plenty of people who claim that you don't need a guru, but that doesn't matter. A guru can accelerate your search. Maybe you would have made it without him, but why should you take longer than necessary? They are there , so why not use them!

In the beginning you think that you are going to 'someone' else, who will tell you all about it. The more you see how things are put together, the more you see that the teacher appears I in you. The boundaries between teacher and student then disappear, or better: you see that they were never real. The big question always seems to be: 'Do I need a guru, or not?' Almost no one seems ready to examine who this 'I' is who does or does not know whether they need somebody. 'I need someone, I don't need anyone'. Who is this I? And can he will or not will something? Or need something?

Go on a trip. Go searching for a teacher. Don't pretend to be smarter than you are. Don't call out ahead of time that a guru is not needed or is nonsense. You can call that out, but you don't know it with certainty. If you knew it with certainty you would not call it out. You don't call out all day that the sea is wet, the sky is blue and the grass is green. No one needs to convince you of that point. If you are in doubt about whether or not to have a teacher , then it is clear: yes, a teacher.

[Jan Koehoorn]