Unity is not dependent on the disappearance of the person

Everyone knows moments when everything seems to go by itself. Maybe you are doing playing some sport and everything, really everything seems to succeed . Actions are completed spontaneously and without effort. The same can happen for example when you are making music. After years and years of practice you can sometimes suddenly experience that the music happens as if by itself. You become as it were the witness of a happening in which no effort is needed. These moment also happen in relationships. Everything goes just as it goes and there is complete acceptance of the now. At such moments there is longer any question of 'someone' who is trying something. Rather it is more a question of witnessing an action that is taking place.

There are spiritual currents that make this phenomenon of the absence of a doer the essence of their teaching, think of the archery, flower arranging, tea ceremony and calligraphy in Zen. One begins as a 'student' and along the way discovers that there is no 'doer' at all, and then the idea of being a student disappears. In other words the idea: that YOU are the one who 'does' something. Many meditation techniques are also directed towards the insight that there is 'no one' who meditates.

Can we therefore now propose that entity arises as soon as the person disappears? No. There are moments that the doer appears, as in thinking. And there are moments when the doer remains behind. The Oneness in which everything appears is there in both cases. In the first case you are witness to a misunderstanding in thought, the 'doer'. In the second case you are witness to just doing. What it is all about is that the Unity that you are can never be disturbed or interrupted. It makes no difference to the Unity whether there is pure clarity about your real nature or misunderstandings

Therefore, as long as you believe that there is a person, a thought process who could possibly stand in the way of the Unity, you are on the wrong track. There is never actually a person who could carry out actions. At most, an action can occur and afterwards the thought 'I did that'. Seeing the thought for what it is, is insight.

Unity is not dependent on the disappearance of the person, because Unity is the only independent thing that there is. The appearance of a person does not mean an interruption in the Unity. Thus, you can never be pulled out of your Unlimited-ness by Unity. Sometimes I hear people saying: 'I got carried away by my thoughts', but that is completely impossible. Otherwise how could it be possible that you can recall that entire 'carried away story' so well afterwards? Because you can't switch off that being a witness. You are always the Unity.


[Jan Koehoorn]