Why ?


This Kees (Schreuders) was caught by the visual language of the website and the film 'de zee die denkt' (the sea that thinks).
Non-duality (Advaita Vedanta or Jnana Yoga) is often transferred by written and spoken words.

Kees, the designer, often makes pictures of it in his mind; and this is an attempt to create an iconography in the line of this tradition. ('...a picture paints a thousand words...')

In collaboration with Jan van Delden (a Dutch Advaita teacher) these 'in sight' pointers came about.

Playful, visual pointers, that might lift a tip of the shroud of 'Who you are'.
Allow yourself the wonder and amazement of the discovery of the first person singular.

If you have ideas, improvements, adjustments or any remarks, reactions are welcomed.

Signed: Me, better known as you.

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If you want to react or have ideas for a 'in sight' pointer: case@ods.nl